Group Musicianship Classes for Adults

Targeted lessons designed to challenge and develop your musical skills. For information on our methodology please click here.

The Group Musicianship classes for adults, take place on a Saturday morning with Kim Crawford at the Paddington Hall, 10 Moreton Street Paddington Qld 4064

Term 4 classes commence on the 9th of October and run for 9 weeks with week 10 for make up classes on the 11th of December.

Booking Options

Free Trial:

If you would like your child to trial our class, you are most welcome to use this option.

By Term:

Classes are $44 per session when booked for the school term. Term 4 bookings run for 9 weeks with an extra class on the 11th of December for make up classes. If the current term is already part way through and you would like to join via this option, please enquire here.

We acknowledge that times may be financially challenging for some families currently, so please contact us if you need to work out a different payment plan.