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9:00    -   9:45        Lyrebirds - Upper Primary

9:50    -   10:35      Bellbirds - Kindy & Preschool 

10:40  -   11:25      Bowerbirds - Lower Primary 

Term 2 Class Times
Classes start Saturday 23 April


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Musicanship Class for Upper Primary


Group Music for Kindy and Preschoolers


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Musicanship Class


Musicanship Class for Lower Primary


Piano B&W


We are a collective of music educators trained in the Kodály Methodolgy of music education.  We are offering group musicianship classes for students from early childhood to adult learning groups which are designed to establish and develop students' broader musicianship skills in performing, reading, writing, and creating.


The musical skills and knowledge acquired in our classes can perfectly compliment any tuition on any specific instrument that our students may be undertaking and make up the foundation of a well-rounded musician.

In our group classes, students can expect to: (depending on their age) sing, play games, dance, play some instruments, listen, read music, write music, aurally recognise music, work with others, work individually, be challenged and above all have fun.


We are also offering limited places for individual piano lessons at a separate location.  Please contact us if you are interested.


We offer a music program underpinned by the principles of the music educational philosophy developed by 20th Century Hungarian ethnomusicologist, pedagogue and composer Zoltán Kodály.   These principles include:

1. Music should belong to everyone.

2. Music should be taught in a logical and sequential manner.

3. Music education should begin as early as possible in a child's life. Kodály believed that music was among, if not the most important subject to teach in schools.

4. There should be pleasure in learning music, it should not be torturous.

5. The voice is the most accessible, universal instrument.

6. The musical material used should be of the highest quality and should be taught predominantly in the context of the mother-tongue folk song.

7. Music educators should be highly trained and accomplished musicians and teachers.

What this means for the students in our classes and their families:

  • We are committed to the belief that a good music education should be accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford it which is why we keep our tuition fees low and offer sibling and early bird discounts.

  • Our lessons are designed and delivered in a sequential program that gradually builds on the already established skills and knowledge of the students.

  • We offer classes from the ages of 0-100.  It is never too early, or too late to begin! Please contact us if our current age groupings do not suit your needs and depending on numbers we may be able to create a new class group.

  • Lessons are designed to foster a love of music and a love of learning. We derive so much joy from creating fun and engaging learning experiences for our students and we aim to share this joy with our students and their families.

  • Students learn by doing, using their voices as the main instrument for musical learning, and sometimes supported by the use of their bodies and tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

  • Our teachers have spent tireless hours over many years gathering the highest quality age-appropriate, culturally-appropriate materials and resources to enable the best learning experiences.

  • Students will experience learning with educators who are highly educated and have a vast number of years of experience teaching in a wide variety of educational contexts.





Musicianship and Piano Teacher

Kristen Brown has been working as a Classroom Music Specialist teaching students from P-12 in state, private and independent schools for the past 15 years.  She is currently teaching music at Mt Alvernia College in Kedron where she has also had experience in the role of Curriculum Leader for the Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Music (Honours) specialising in piano performance and pedagogy, and a Bachelor of Education specialising in primary and secondary classroom music education from the University of Queensland.  Kristen has experience teaching classroom music and conducting choirs in a sequential aural approach from early childhood to adulthood.  She has also been teaching piano privately and performing as professional accompanist for 20 years.  Kristen was the Treasurer for the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia, Queensland Branch for 6 years and has been involved in presenting at workshops and conferences and writing articles for professional publications in the fields of music education and leadership.  She feels passionately that music is for everyone and that there is much value to be gained from good education in good music, both on an individual and communal level, not least of which is the ability to have more love, more compassion and more gentleness.  Kristen enjoys sharing this passion and energy with the students and families of her musicianship and piano tuition classes.



Hear from our students and families.

"I love singing and dancing and doing actions to the songs.  I like that there is no pressure and no tests."

Student from 7-9 year old class



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